Electrical Services

Solcar Electric, Inc. provides complete electrical services for all businesses. We invite you to give us the opportunity to discuss your electrical needs and provide you with a free estimate to perform the work required.

Our electrical services include:

  • Electrical services and repair
  • Outdoor and Parking lot lights
  • Indoor lighting
  • Data and network wiring
  • Thermal scanning and detection reports

You have the option to call us for services and repairs when needed, or you can choose to bundle some or all our services in a maintenance contract to save time and money! Because no two businesses are the same, our business contracts are individually tailored to your business. Anything not included in the contract will be serviced upon your request and charged separately at a reduced rate. Our total facility electrical management is cost-effective and simplifies maintenance and service management.

Solcar Electric, Inc. can also check your electrical systems to detect any potential problems before they occur. Thermal scanning, our infrared thermography, allows us to see these invisible indication of impending damage before the circuit becomes hot enough to cause an outage or explosion.

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Call us today at 786-558-8033 with any questions you may have regarding our residential services.